Ride an e-bike? Me? Never! OK, probably not

The owner of a new e-bike franchise in Croton-on-Hudson says his step-thru models “are not necessarily for people who are on their road bike with clip-ins and padded spandex shorts.” 

As a rider of a traditional, conventional, non-electric road bike who clips in and wears the aforementioned shorts, I’d like to think that I’ll be satisfied with simply slowing down as I get older, instead of juicing my ride with a 750-watt motor.

But will I stick to that while my average speeds and mileage go down as my age goes up – and while watching the pack I used to ride with pass me by?

Here’s an article I just published about this shop selling only Pedego e-bikes, a company I’d never heard of but that’s been in business for years before the current craze. These aren’t geared toward the spandex crowd, that’s for sure.

Published by Robert Brum

Writer/editor/storyteller, bicyclist and hiker roaming the Hudson Valley on two feet and two wheels. Brum as in drum; not Blum or Broom.

4 thoughts on “Ride an e-bike? Me? Never! OK, probably not

  1. Great article! Well-written. My daughter got a Pedego passenger bike two years ago. She lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and uses it daily to drop her two kids (6 and 4) at school and then head to her job. The bike path there is beautiful and she doesn’t need to deal with the car traffic.


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