Drivers: Can you give us 3 feet?

(photo: Leon Seibert)

I’ve been buzzed, berated, beeped and barked at by passing motorists (and their dogs). Told to get the *%&@ up onto the sidewalk or the bike path. I don’t carry a tape measure with me when I ride, and yeah, I know everybody’s driving SUVs named after huge ships and mountains. But passing a 3-foot passing distance law – and actually enforcing it – definitely gets the point across: Share. The. Road. New York’s latest effort to follow the lead of 35 other states is mired in Albany politics, as usual. How many more years will it take to make this happen?

Here’s my latest article published on The River Journal.

Published by Robert Brum

Writer/editor/storyteller, bicyclist and hiker roaming the Hudson Valley on two feet and two wheels. Brum as in drum; not Blum or Broom.

3 thoughts on “Drivers: Can you give us 3 feet?

  1. Well said. This is something we’ve needed for a very long time. Perhaps put lawmakers and police on bikes to see the world from a cyclist’s perspective. Hmmm.

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    1. Some police departments once had bicycle patrol units, but it does not seem to be very popular anymore. I agree that would be helpful in fostering an understanding among police of what it’s like to be a road cyclist.


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